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Epic 2014 for the financial markets

I stumbled across Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein‘s version of EPIC 2014 (the Googlezon thing).

Theirs is called DrKW Revolution’s 2015, and is part of their slightly bizarre DrKW Revolution microsite. (Actually I’ve got to the end which says it’s not DrKW’s work or thoughts, but that of an employee called Sean Park)

Surely DrKW Revolution’s 2015 is a spoof rather than genuine thought piece?

Ebay becomes a financial trading platform? Financial markets close under pressure from sports-related trading?


I’ll ask Sofia (my financial expert!) when she looks at it tomorrow (she’s asleep as it’s 1am here – yes, I’m up again late!).

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  1. Ionysis Ionysis

    Perhaps a bit optimistic but moving in that direction.

  2. Bleiglass Bleiglass

    What is buying and selling securities different from buying and selling a book or a car? What is equity research different from a comment or review to a book or a car? What is buying foreign currency NOW or LATER different from betting that it goes up or down? What is PayPal different from Amex?

  3. Cool.

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