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BBC’s Power of Nightmares now on Google Video

The Power of Nightmares, arguably one of the greatest documentaries to be produced by the BBC in recent years, is now available as a free + full download from Google Video.

As far as I know, this is an official release from the BBC (rather than someone uploading it unofficially). I’m hoping the BBC will be releasing more content too – for free download of course.

UPDATE: I’m now not sure whether it is or isn’t. I’m trying to find out… If you you’re a squeaky clean netizen who’s never strayed into the wrong side of download legality (that’s all of us, no?) then it might be worth holding off on this for the time being – in case it ain’t legit’.

Finally, the great thing about releasing this via Google Video is that not only can you download the video to your computer, but also get it in formats suitable for both for playback on a Video iPod and a Sony PSP.

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  1. Kim Kim

    There are a ton of Top Gear clips and some BBC 3 documentaries on Google Video as well which I’m fairly sure no one in the BBC has uploaded. Up to now BBC policy has always been to offer video content for free only to licence fee payers (or rather anyone with a ‘UK’ IP address. Is Google Video filtering IP addresses or have they allowed someone to upload a whole lot of BBC copyrighted video they don’t have the right to? It would be interesting to know.

  2. You work at the BBC. Can you not, like, ask someone???

  3. tibs tibs

    Have you noticed that they took away all the top gear videos off google video? Well, at least here South Africa they did.

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