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  1. Ben, I just wanted to say thank you. You and Mena have been a catalyst for a bunch of very productive conversations that have helped a lot of us make more meaning about how we communicate. But I suspect it has all been at a cost to you two.

    I have no idea how this “thing” has made you feel. I know I would not have enjoyed the kind of attention the dust up created. But you two created value. Thus the thank you.

    And I personally don’t think you are the blogosphere’s asshole, or if you are, you seem to be a quite lovable one. But alas, I don’t think you are in the Zlist club anymore. We’ll miss you there in the dust under that long tail….

    And yeah, it is pretty damned interesting about –

  2. I’m a big fan of the smooth interface, and I hope that this takeover/ partnership doesn’t mean that we’re going to be subject to banner ads and subscription purchases.

    How integrated is the relationship? How much (if at all) is delicious going to change?

  3. I expect the changes will be similar to Flickr – just the Yahoo! logo added to the bottom of pages and the introduction of the Yahoo! sign-in service for the account.

    The big worry is what happens next – they’ve got Flickr in their grubby mits and now will they just suck them into the Yahoo! machine instead of leaving them as a seperate service.

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