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Simply bizarre webcomic

I really have no idea what this is, and clearly there’s some on-going “in joke” that Mena and I have got mixed in with (who is the Asian guy, and who is this pro-trolling ‘gal‘ women, below???)…

I have no idea what this is

But anyway, check out this simply bizarre webcomic.

Hooray for Blogger is all I can say – it really is the Geocities of the 21st Century! (And that’s not me knocking Geocities – my first ever website is still on there!)

Me saying that line...

I also like the vaguely “50 Cent”/ghetto style font they’ve used for me (which is also a quintessentially ye-olde English font too)… A nice touch, boys – I’m definitely feelin’ the gangsta’ style which nicely compliments my MC-style microphone handling technique. Fo’ real.

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  1. The gal’s Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue, a Singaporean chick blogger ( with a massive following (25k hits a day).

    The Asian guy (me) is Swifty, whose real name is Edmund Yeo. A Malaysian dude who dabbles in writing and filmmaking, er, and hmmm, well, and other kinds of creative endeavours, like those webcomics. Mwaha.

  2. BTW: I have posted the translation at Dave Lucas’ entry.

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