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Power of 10 video

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I’ve just come across a copy of a short film I first saw when I was about 16. It totally mesmerises me every time I see it.

It’s called Powers of 10, and was produced by IBM labs in 1977.

Mr Bond, an exceptional teacher who taught me Physics at Bishopshalt School for 5 years, first showed it to us during an A-Level physics class.

Google Video: Powers of 10 (08:59)


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  1. Rich Rich

    They had this video (or at least the zooming in part of it, and without the counters – just the video) behind Coldplay when they sang one of their songs at Earl’s Court on Thursday night.

  2. Orlando Gil Orlando Gil

    This video was made many years ago, with the technology we own today how far can we go in and out?
    Who might be interested in having this video upgraded with today technology?

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