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Mashup Camp in San Francisco

FactoryJoe is organising Mashup Camp:

There will be 12 of us, mixed and mashed from a superlative cadre of geeks.

We do brief intros, discuss our project, what we’re bringing to the table as far as knowledge, know-how and passion. We then break up into a couple groups based on what we want to get done and the utility of our offerings. …Spend the next couple hours drawing, writing, designing, architecting… getting to something with teeth but not code. Break for lunch and cross-polination.

It’s going to be a day of intense GTD.

That’s Getting Things Done, for those of us of a less polite pursuasion where such a concept would have been expressed as JFDI – Just Fucking Do It.

I can’t make it but it sounds like a top event (I’m planning to be in San Fran for a week either before or after ETech in March, so can’t justify the second trip).

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