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Interesting insights from the Google Zeitgeist 2005

Google have published their annual Zeitgeist report for 2005.

It’s worth checking out the full report, which obviously I’m not going to repeat entirely here. However, here are some interesting observations that I have made:

Top Gainers of 2005
Myspace is the top gainer of 2005 (‘top gainer’ isn’t actually defined on the site, but I assume that to be best improved search result compared to last year). Interestingly for BBC, Sky News is the 7 most improved search term for 2005.

July 7th
An interesting graph showing the searches for the term “London”, with a notable spike on July 7th.

Graph showing huge search spike for the term 'London' on July 7th

I think rolling content providers should be mindful that punters are likely to search for a current news event in a search engine whose index is always going to be relatively stale compared to the current news agenda.

Here’s graph of the traffic being sent to three news providers (presumably through click through from Google).

Graph showing BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera popularity through out the year.  BBC is searched above CNN which in turn is above Al Jazeera

Check out the complete Google Zeitgeist report for 2005

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