Cool as fuck

So, I genuinely had hoped we’d seen the last of the Mena/dotBen thing. Honest.

But then I stumbled upon this from a site called BetterBadNews:…

(Click to play)

As I began to watch this I was, and still am, truly gob-smacked. This is straight G shit, and I had to blog it.

It looks like the whole debacle has now become a piece of performing art. You may disagree with me over this, and think that I’m an idiot. Or maybe you don’t. 🙂 But you have to agree, this video is off the hook!

Mad props to the people behind this.

As for whether I’m part of a “buzz trap“… Hmmm, I don’t think any of the parties concerned (myself included) are that clever.

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4 thoughts on “Cool as fuck

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  2. oh, Ben… you’re more of a “buzztrapper” than you know! enjoy the power 😉

    (frankly, I laughed so hard at that clip I almost fell off my chair. I think you’re supposed to be represented by the guy dressed like Castro. Interesting, eh? It made me think a lot of Dr. Strangelove, too…)

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