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BBC News releases Creative Archive video clips

BBC News have released almost 80 iconic and memorable news clips from their archive, under the BBC’s Creative Archive licence.

[UPDATE: These urls may not work if you are outside the UK as Creative Archive content is not available internationally. I know that sucks, but there are some valid reasons for it]

Clips include:

Hopefully this is only the start!

Check out the full list or browse the the topics.

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  1. Unfortunately the page looks broken and you need a proxy based in the UK if you want to access the clips from the rest of the world.

  2. Creative Archive gains BBC News footage

    Ben Metcalfe reports that BBC News have released a number of ‘iconic and memorable’ news clips under the Creative Archive Licence Group’s licence. There will be plenty who leap forward to say it’s not enough, it’s our news in…

  3. The source clips available for download from the BBC’s site are only available to UK IP addresses, but as the license allows redistribution, the clips could presumably be made available on a mirror that didn’t have ‘Geo-IP filtering’ (copies must be shared under the same license agreement, but as the IP-filtering technology isn’t exactly widely available, I don’t see how they can claim that it’s obligitary for redistribution on the internet).

    80 clips seems like a small number, considering the years of historic news broadcasts, but it’s a start, and I hope that the number grows…

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