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Looking for a MediaWiki Template designer…

I’m currently looking for either a company/design agency, or perhaps a shit-hot individual, who can produce original templates for MediaWiki.

I need the full package – from user interface design through to standards-complaint template production (which in reality is probably just good CSS as the HTML in the standard MediaWiki template is already nicely marked up).

If that sounds like you, or can make a recommendation, do drop me a line [remove the antispam, sorry]. Please include some existing examples of other MediaWiki templates you have produced.

MovableType and WordPress templating appears to be well covered, but there seems few people who are offering their templating services for MediaWiki. My guess is most people are happy with the standard template that comes out of the box with MediaWiki, but I’m looking for something original.

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  1. I think it’s partly down to the fact that the templating has been implemented differently in every version of MediaWiki. In some older versions, even changing the links in the left nav meant mining through a spaghetti junction of coding.

    However, things do seem to be being slowly tidied up, and in the latest versions you can do a certain amount of template editing in the wiki itself.

    If you do find someone who’s great at doing MediaWiki templates, it might be really worthwhile them writing up the process of how they did it, in order to aid the development of MediaWiki itself.

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