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Kayak Buzz – find cheap flights via Google Maps

Kayak is one of those cheap plane ticket websites, although it looks like it’s aimed at the US market.

Nevertheless, they have come up with an idea that makes sense for whatever country you are in. Kayak Buzz is a ‘cheap destination’ finder that uses Google Maps.

From what I can gather they record the cheapest 25 flight searches for each city around the world from the past couple of days, which you can then call up using their Google Map interface.

Want to know what the top 25 cheapest destinations are from London? (OK, I don’t think this is perhaps the cheapest 25 locations for London, but given this is a US-orientated service I doubt they get that many people searching for flights from London, UK. Check out the map for New York instead.)

Ok, the prices are in US$ but my guess is they are representative of the offers you could get from UK-based agents (assuming you can’t buy directly from Kayak outside of the US).

I think this is really cool, and a great example of (what looks like) a small company harnessing the powers of a third-party Web2.0 service to help them leverage their service.

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