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I can see the sea!

I’m in Brighton today to attend + speak at the d.construct Web2.0 conference organised by ClearLeft.

On the way to the venue I could just see the sea a couple of blocks down from the road I turned into. I don’t think I’ve actually seen the sea (other than from an airplane) for a couple of years (eeek).

So, I’m sat in a dis-used church waiting for the event to begin. There’s a nice group of Web2.0’y people, say 50-60, and there’s free WiFi. What more could a geek want?

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  1. Good luck I wish I could be there now, I’m in Egypt on the other side of the sea maybe I swim to you.

    Any way I’m following the conference minute by minute.

  2. Well you’re always welcome down to Brighton. If you come down next summer when it’s warm, we can arrange a BBQ on the beach 🙂

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