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Anyone getting any stats from Google Analytics?

So, I’ve signed up for Google Analytics despite the fact it’s giving the new-evil empire a ton of information about my visitors (and I’m usually against web-bugs).

However almost 24hrs on, I still don’t have any data. The Google interface has confirmed the Javascript is installed correctly but is telling me that it is “Waiting for Data”.

The help page says there is a delay of “a few hours” between installing the script and getting access to the stats generated.

Seems like “a few hours” means 20+. Hmmm.

Let me know if it is/isn’t working for you.

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  1. Chris Chris

    No luck here. It’s been 27 hours since I signed up and I’m still getting the message “Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now. Your first reports will be ready within twelve hours.” This is getting ridiculous!

  2. Installed 24 hours ago and no stats yet.

  3. and me. no statage.

  4. Ditto. Still, at least we managed to sign up. Seems like many people haven’t been able to register.

  5. Me neither. I’ve given up checking for today …

  6. No luck here, either. I can only assume they were caught off-guard by the sheer numbers of people taking them up on it.

    Still, if anyone ought to know scalability, it’s Google… isn’t it?

  7. Roy Roy

    Another voice in the chorus. Over 24 hours and still no data for me.

  8. i couldn’t register on the first day, and having registered on the second day it won’t recognize my script. so at least you guys are ahead of me 😉

  9. Nothing here either. It took ages to recognise that I had added the code as well.

    And why did they put “United Kingdom” under “G” in the country drop down list?!

  10. No stats for me either – 48 hours and counting. Will post back when / if I have something. I would love to know what sort of loads they got hit with…

  11. It just began to work for me after a full 48 lapse, and it actually has statistics for the last 24 hours. If Google can just get it working a little faster, it would catch on a lot quicker.

  12. I have stats now – hmm, they look very pretty!! Loads of stuff I don’t understand but all looks and sounds nice…

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