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Red Bee, bloody daft

I agree with Kim: the new name for the now privatised BBC Broadcast is simply daft.

Red Bee Media“, as it will now be called, is a hopeless marketing and rebrand attempt. It’s all too reminiscent of when PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ consultancy arm tried to rebrand into “Monday”. It was so much of a failure they even tried to pretend it was a windup.

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  1. Flotsam Flotsam


    The biggest problem with naming any new company – not including the obvious ones such as trademarks – is that the domain name also needs to be available. Pretty much all of the 25,000 English nouns had been registered as domain names by 1998. Even today, trying to find a good combination of adjective/noun or noun/noun is hard as many have been snaffled by scumbag companies that would like one to pay USD100s for the privilege.

    Back in April I was researching names for a new project and did the usual searching with Internic’s whois database and the name I had chosen (one adjective, two nouns, similar to the Beeb’s new offspring). Having satisfied myself that it was free I left it for a couple of weeks before registering it. Guess what? It had been grabbed soon after I checked availabilty and it was now ready for purchase for USD500…

  2. Martin Martin

    The interesting thing about the Red Bee thing is that EVERYONE’S first reaction is disbelief. I’m sure there’s a marketing term for it but the result is that

    a) people are talking about how bad a name it is
    b) people will remember the name

    So choosing Red Bee has produced the desired result!

  3. Jane Jane

    RED as in socilist and BEE as a busy body, all this disguising the purchasers’ – investment funds and a bank.

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