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Out Of Office: I’m off to get mental oriental!

My regular splurge of…

…will be suspended for a few weeks whilst I go on holiday/vacation (depending on which side of the pond you are located).

Sofia and I are off to China and Japan for a few weeks, for what looks set to be a bit of an action packed adventure.

We will be attending the Chinese F1 Grand Prix (grand stand tickets, nice) and generally hanging out in the rapidly changing Shanghai for a week. Then it’s off to Tokyo to take in the madness which is, well, Tokyo.

In both countries we’ll be trying to avoid making any social faux pars (such as pouring soy sauce directly onto our food or eating/drinking outside — ooh the shame!).

My good pals (and co ex-members of the infamous NOL Web Dev Crew) James “Shipto” Shipton (aka Choci) and Phil “Millip” Miller just happen to be in or passing through Tokyo whilst I’m there. I think we’re going to have a bit of a crazy night out – it’s going to be messy.

To get me into the holiday mood, I had my hair dyed blue/green (changes colour depending on the light). I haven’t had my hair dyed for over a year now (check out the complete Flickr Set of my weird hairstyles). As you will see, I haven’t gone for an all-over colour this time as I tried to keep this one as “subtle” as best I could.

Me sporting my new greeny-blue coloured hair

It’s going to be the first proper holiday Sofia and I have had together since I kicked off the whole thing last year. I’ve left the project in the very capable hands of Natasha and Jem, with Tom keeping an eye on things as always. We’ve also got one of our friends house-sitting the flat for us too – so there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about!

Keep it locked here for news and updates from the Far East, plus check out the Flickr (RSS|Atom).

Otherwise, normal service on this blog will resume in a few weeks time.

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