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Coming home…

Well, all good things come to an end.

Sofia and I are back in Shanghai – we’re here for a total of about 12 hours (an overnight stop over). We’re off in about an hour to check in to our Virgin Atlantic flight.

I’m currently typing away in our cramped yet comfortable (hey, it was cheap) Ramada hotel room here at Shanghai airport.

A very random things on my mind:

  • Which did I prefer – Shanghai or Tokyo? (Sofia says Tokyo, but she liked the Grand Prix)
  • Will I get into trouble for using (over, which is blocked) to access BBC News in China?
  • Why is it that the cheap-ass hotels give you free internet access and the expensive ones charge you an arm and a leg for it? (Well, I know why – they reckon you’ll expense it. But why do they shaft you like that?)

Looking forward to seeing you all…

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