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US Navy jamming radio communications in New Orleans?

It’s been reported that some of the radio frequencies used in the New Orleans relief effort are being jammed.

Rumours from the blogosphere
seem to suggest that this may be coming from a pirate radio station in the Caribbean or from a US Navy ship (presumably/hopefully unintentionally).

I just can’t believe what is happening with the Katrina crisis. Words just can’t describe how awful the lack of organisation and humanitarian relief has been. It’s made Sofia and I very sad, especially as we may well end up spending a period of time working the States in the coming years.

Check out this excellent discussion about Bush’s failures on last night’s BBC Newsnight featuring a senior Republican congressman, the historian Simon Schama, Sidney Blumenthal (a former advisor to President Clinton) and President Bush’s former economics adviser Dr Pippa Malmgren.

Windows Media: 256kbsp (UK only) | 56kbsp (all).
Starts 11 min 15 sec into the stream

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