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An open “letter/blog post” to users from “Biased BBC Website”

I seem to be getting quite a lot of hits via some postings that have been made about me on the very ammusing “Biased BBC” blog (do check it out, it’s well worth a quick chuckle).

Apparently my harmless comments about George Bush wanting a toilet break have been taken as “views of a leftoid of a lefty institution” and other similar “you’re a left winger” stuff.

Which is really quite silly considering those who know me will know that I’m nothing of the sort.

In fact, can I take the opportunity to ask those of you arriving here off the back of such comments to check out my (quite infamous) post “Spoil your ballot paper” – in which I stated my view that I don’t like any of the political parties in the UK (yes, not even Labour or Lib Dem) and that I wouldn’t be voting for any off them.

And to doubly prove I’m not a “loonie leftie”, I’ve countless times mentioned that I live in Bethnal Green – who’s MP George Galloway of the Respect Coalition is perhaps the most left-wing MP in the House of Commons. Not only did I not vote for him either, but I’ve even lambasted him as a “slimy bastard (in my opinion)”.

So please, cut the “Ben’s a biased lefty” crap cos it’s a load of pretentious bollocks. I’ve stated countless times on my blog that I have no political alignment whatsoever, to the point at which I have never voted in a general election in my life.

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  1. JOE JOE

    Well, if your working for BBC(sorry for insulting them)than your political leanings are highly suspect,but i’ll take you at your word.

  2. Doug Doug

    Tough break! Incurring the wrath of such zealots is nigh impossible to deal with, being so blinkered by their mission as they are. I read the comments to your ‘toilet break’ article from an RSS feed, and I was staggered. I couldn’t understand that they didn’t see the obvious humour. Perhaps they also lobby the cartoonists over at for also being leftist loonies?

  3. Where’s the link on Biased BBC?

  4. Duncan Duncan

    When will people learn that the people working for an organisation don’t always hold the same views as the organisation.

    I agree with you that the political parties in the UK are rubbish, although I would have voted for the Lib Dems if they hadn’t quoted the Sun in their campaigning leaflets. As it was, I voted for the only party that made sense, the Monster Raving Loony Party (they had already made me laugh, which is more than the other parties).

  5. alfoiz alfoiz

    Hey Ben,
    That “George Bush wanting a toilet break” article and the reply from the offended Apple-pie Gringo is excellent. God F….ing God!!AAAARG! A Bush-licking patriot thought it was important to uphold the dignity of his murderous president as if Bush was infallible and Jesus-like.

    Everytime Bush talks, and as we waite for something coherent to come out of his mouth, we wander if he’s got some sort of an electrical device in his head that receives transmitions instructing him what to say – now, if he has to ask for permission to go for a pee, clearly our suspicions are well-founded. Who knows? Mabe we’ll find out in a few decades when CIA files get declassified…

    I take back what I said about beloved, Mr President Bush, Leader of the free world, Conquerer of the Infidel Arabs, saviour of Christendom and Israel. He’s just a nice guy – its just mabe, from time to time the wrong people take control of him and hell him what to say and think. God save fat America and let every other on Earth die of hunger and starvation. We shall win this war of ideas with our President Bush!

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