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FooCamp: No, I didn’t get an invite either

A few people have been emailing me to see whether I got an invite to O’Reilly FooCamp.

Sadly I didn’t – but then I’ve not really done anything for O’Reilly (speaking, writing, etc) that would warrent an invitation.

Looks like I’m in good company though – both Scoble and Dare/Carnage4Life didn’t get an invite either (UPDATE: or Russ or Dave W).

I know a few people who did, so well done if you did. I’m sure, as ever, it will be a fantastic event (even if it actually does involve camping…)

Apparently it’s in-tents… 🙁 (sorry, I already regret writing that).

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  1. Al Al

    Hi I had some correspondance with Andy about this yesterday, although there wasn’t time to arrange anything in the UK to correspond with Bar camp. We are aiming to do something next year to coincide with the US Bar Camp (same weekend) we just need to identify a venue and confirm dates etc.. (assume same as Foo Camp next year). Andy suggested Bar Camp uk but Bar Camp Euro could work.


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