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Podcast: Ben Metcalfe Podcast #0(beta)

I’ve just finished my first attempt at a podcast, in preparation for greater things, I hope.

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Shownotes: #0(beta) BMP 2005-07-27

  1. Ben Metcalfe Introduction
  2. Podcast kit – Sony Vaio VGN-U50, Griffin iMic, MP3 player
  3. Open Tech 05
  4. Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! visits BBC
  5. London
  6. Lee Wilkins (+ Mrs) Podcasting –
  7. Bar Blanca
  8. Birthday – surprise office party on flickr
  9. Tas Firin – excellent Turkish charcoal grill resturant near Brick Lane
  10. Ron Metcalfe (my father) My “Hepatitis C” Webblog, Face of NHS Hep C Awareness Campaign
  11. Send feedback/audio comment (max 5MB) to podcast (at)


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  1. It’s good to know that your birthday fits into your schedule! 🙂 Hope you had a good ‘un! 🙂

  2. Count me in on the european version of the gilmor gang. I was going to do the same thing with a group of really interesting people I knew. But instead around a dinner, then edit it down to one hour.

  3. you’re such a geek.
    the breakbeat tunes etc. it’s hilarious. like hospital radio on acid.

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