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Bike riding seems to be popular

The bike racks here in the BBC Media Village are overflowing. All of the allotted space for bikes on “The Network” (the stupid name for the pedestrianised avenue that runs through the middle of the village) have been taken.

People are chaining their bikes to anything nailed to the ground – literally. Clearly Thursday’s events have changed many people’s preferred method of transport to and from work.

The Network at the BBC Media Village

Travelling on the Central Line tube line this morning – my first time through the City since the attack – was eerie. People looked nervous and they were certainly suspicious of my over-sized black backpack.

When I saw the second plane hit the WTC building on Sep 11, I knew airline travel would be changed forever. After Thursday, I fear those casual and relaxing tube commutes between work and home, which I have always used as my “switch on/switch off” time, may be gone forever.

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