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x86 Tiger OSX already leaked (unless it’s snake-oil)

UPDATE: This has been confirmed a hoax, so please don’t download this file. I’ve kept the blog post up for archive purposes, but it has been proven false. Cheers, B

Did someone let the cat out of the bag? (ho ho!)

A search across a number of popular bit torrent search engines, and a look on the eMule/eDonkey network, have both returned an iso claiming to be Tiger X86 (project Marklar). The file name is Mac.OS.X.Tiger.X86.READNFO-XISO (or variants thereof).

Of course, it’s quite possible that it’s just a bogus file someone’s appropriately named for a bit of fun. It could even be Apple – hey, they file law suites on bloggers who post company leaks, maybe they’re now into entrapment?

A number of torrent sites appear to have taken the file down (perhaps they’ve been served a C&D by Apple?), but ISOHunt caches all torrents it spiders, and when I last inspected their cached torrent, it had over 20 seeds and 574 peers.

(If you download this and it is a real working x86 version of Tiger, then of course you would be using an unauthorised copy, would be breaking the law and could be subject to various law suites, etc. There’s certainly enough information in this blog post for you to successfully locate and download this file – however, I’m not saying you should. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s something you want to do, bearing in mind all of the above.)

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  1. Daniel Daniel

    That file is fake. Filled with a bunch of bogus data. Don’t download.

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