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Play real world Monopoly – free!

UPDATE: The “real life Monopoly” game is now closed. You can sign up on the site if you want to find out when the next game begins.

This is such a great idea. The folks behind monopoly have created a “real life version” of the famous board game – and it’s free to play with nice prizes!

18 real London Taxis have been fitted with GPS units. You pick one as your “playing piece” and buy up a number of properties around the Monopoly board (just like the normal game). When any of the 17 other participating taxis drop off passengers at a destination you own, you are immediately awarded with “rent”. However, if your taxi drops off passengers at a location you don’t own, the you have to pay the rent. You can read the full rules on the site.

Screen-grab of the Monopoly Live game

This was actually discussed a little before itโ€™s launch in the discussion group after one of the developers mentioned he was working on a “GPS” real world game. So why not sign up and see what other cutting edge projects people are talking about?

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  1. I think that this was a really cool idea
    I really want to play
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