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20 questions of the dark side

(Apologies if you’re already seen this, it’s an old one that’s only just caught up with me)

Burger King must have hired a “President of Viral Marketing”, as they’re pumping out these catchy sites like they’re flame-grilled sh*t-in-a-bun burgers.

So, with the Star Wars franchise under their belt, BK now asks you to test the Sith Lord’s mind reading techniques. It’s a very slick and well executed project – with the genuine Darth Vader voice and everything (and thats coming from someone who doesn’t like Flash much).

Check out Sith Sense, or visit the site I’m convinced they’ve licensed the algorithm from:

BK first released The Sub-Servient Chicken, which Loosemore was adamant was a live man dressed as a chicken being paid by Burger King to do what you say. Clearly it isn’t, as this is nothing more sophisticated then Pod that I first saw running on a BBC Micro back in 1988.

Both sites are a clever bit of site (albeit a shameless piece of marketing whoring).

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