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The Creative Archive

Paula and Jen (+ co) have launched the Creative Archive (which I’m apparently not supposed to call the “BBC Creative Archive”).

At the moment it’s the license which is being launched, but content will be released under it during the next 18 months. The license is based on a Creative Commons approach, tailored for the needs of broadcasters and content-owners.

Channel 4, British Film Intsitute and the Open University are all going to embrace it (can’t wait to be able to download those OU programmes in which professors dressed in polyester shirts and tweed trousers explained theoretical physics… bring back OU on Saturdays mornings, I say).

Content will be DRM free, although I belive the BBC’s approach is to use Creative Archive to release a lot of it’s ‘stock’ and archive material through it. I don’t think the release of recently broadcasted programming (such as last week’s Dr Who) is within the scope of the project at this time.

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