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Microsoft wants your “future concept” user experience ideas

Microsoft want you to share your user experience ideas with them. Lay out your vision of the next generation of Windows based PCs in order to win a $125,000 cash prize. Their call to action:

Rethink the Windows-based PC experience today and the role it plays in people’s lives. Envision how the digital lifestyle?from personal productivity at work or home, to entertainment, mobility, lifestyle and form?all play a part in development. Think big, be bold, and inspiring, but pay attention to sustainable technologies, and ecological and environmental innovation.

Now, I’m not a massive fan of Microsoft as people know, but I do think they should be congratulated for running this. A lot of people gripe and moan about windows, yet for most of us we have no choice as it’s the defacto standard in industry.

Interaction design is certainly of interest me, although I’m not brilliant at actually producing designs… nevertheless I’ll certainly download their “entry kit” and try to put in an entry.


(PS: Yes I’m sure someone will think they’re smart by submiting a screendump of Mac OS X as their entry!)

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  1. Microsoft interested in interaction ideas

    Via Ben Metcalfe’s blog, I hear Microsoft are opening interaction/deign Competition to design and share a vision for the next Windows. I assume they mean Longhorn? Anyhow I agree this is a good move for Microsoft, even I will enter. This is also a i…

  2. Sonal Sonal

    Yeah..Its a nice competition with a good price money….quite an incentive to work towards it.. new windows….. imagine a computer with DOORs then…..;-)

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