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Map of Terrorism

Aon, some travel risk assessor firm, has created what should be described as “the world traveller’s handy guide to terrorism”.

It’s a map of the world, with every country graded by the threat it faces from terrorism. Download the full map (pdf).

Map of the world showing grades of 'terrorism threat'

Apparently North Korea has a very low terrorism level.

Countries to be avoided, as they have been placed in the highest risk category include Iraq, Israel/Plaestine, India, Nepal, Russia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. (Unless of course you’re George Bush – in which case this map comes into it’s own as the ultimate guide to “reccomended places to invade next”.)

Thailand scores highly, which is a little concerning as I would like to take a holiday there this year.

But perhaps I should be more worried ‘closer to home’; the UK is given a risk score of 37 – higher than Saudi Arabia (34) and the USA (27).


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  1. jye jye

    this map sux i cant even read the fucking thing

  2. Actually, it’s a cool map and very easy to read. Download the PDF version.

  3. Monica Alava Monica Alava

    I love this map. Thanks

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