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Hardware hacking in Iraq

In Iraq those naughty “insurgents” like to strap explosives to detonators connected to family-style walkie-talkies. Send a signal to the radio and BOOM…

So, a guy built this cool little device that cycles through all of the standard walkie-talkie channels, and all of the privacy codes. It sends a one second signal per channel, per privacy code. The idea being that as a convey moves through dangerous territory, any such bombs are detonated before the convey gets near.

I’m very much against the war, but I’m certainly up for anything which protects the brave men and women who find themselves in the one big fuck-up that is “Bush’s Iraq”.


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  1. anfre anfre

    this is not a new idea this was done in northern ireland by british forces

  2. One of the recent technologies that aid spying (to put it bluntly) is through keylogging. What is this? Keystroke logging or keylogging is the process of noting the keys struck by a user from a keyboard, which is done in a very covert manner so that he is unaware that the information he is entering into the computer are recorded or monitored. As you can imagine, this kind of tool offers tremendous opportunities for hackers. At the same time, this can also give your system a very tight security.

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