Off to Etech

Once again, I’ve been busy with my secret project at work and havn’t been able to blog anything about it. All in good time, all in good time.

However, the big news of the moment is that I’m off to San Diego at the weekend to attend ETech. Hooray, the Beeb finally coughed up so I could go.

I’m not speaking, but practically all of the cool BBC projects are being discussed including PIPS. Let me know if you’re going too, I’m sure I’ll be hooking up with loads of people in the evenings. I may even share details of my project in an “off-the-record” stylee.

Sofia reckons San Diego is a big vice city, but she knows nothing’s going to happen (even if the WebDev Lad’s motto is “what goes on tour stays on tour”). And Tom’s warned me “Now Ben, don’t get caught up with the mescaline taking across the border in Tijuana”. Which shows how much he knows about me (I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs — I’m the life and soul of the party).

I’ll blog my days in ETech for those of you not able to attend (and to prove to Sofia I’m not spending my days hanging out in strip joints).

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  1. It’s a shame I like to pretend to write comments from other people. It’s also a shame I like to wear tan shoes.

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