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Although I’m more of a “Cippa” (Capitalist Internet Professionals Prefer the Alternative) than a Haddock (sorry, in joke) I guess I should give a mention to the relaunched (previously

I’m not really into the whole “Democracy Activism” stuff, unless it’s Mark Thomas-style funny mischief, but if being able to contact your local councillor or MEP (in addition to your MP) is of interest to you, then it’s worth checking out. Having said that I am a bit peeved about them wanting to remove one of my local fire engines, welcome to Ben: the hypocrite.

Tom and the guys that build and run these sites do a fine job, particularly seeing as they are run as non-profits with next-to-no budget.

Looks like Register came up with the goods, shame my very own Mark Ward didn’t 🙁

[thanks Stef for the reminder]

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