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Broadband BBC News AV Console RSS feeds are back!

UPDATE 17 Jan 2007: BBC News has now changed it’s AV offering and as such the source material for these feeds is no longer being updated. However these feeds have been deprecated for sometime, and you should check out the official BBC News AV RSS Feeds (click on the link, see the list of feeds on the right-hand-side column).

The BBC has now fixed the problem of it’s News Audio Video Broadband streams “leaking” outside the UK – so I’m pleased to say I have reinstated the RSS feeds. 🙂

You will only be able to access the Broadband feeds if you are in the UK. The BBC doesn’t serve Broadband media outside of the UK due to serving costs and the commercial opportunity of selling them to the international market (the BBC is rightfully encouraged to commercially exploit international market opportunities to keep the cost of the domestic license fee as small as possible).

Here are the feeds once again:

Broadband, Windows Media: (UK IP’s only)

Broadband, Real Media: (UK IP’s only)

Narrowband, Windows Media:

Narrowband, Real Media:

HTML Version – all media/bandwidth combos
Use this if you want to play BBC News clips in your preferred player (rather than in the embedded console)


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