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Apple present the “Mac Mini” but what’s the deal for us Brits?

As widely discussed, Steve Jobs (CEO Apple) announced the “Mac Mini” – a $499 computer running Apple OSX. I’m pretty sure this will be the bring Apple to the masses (just like when Apple produced a Windows compatible iPod).

However, the bit that’s already bugging me is this: How come the “$499 Mac” will cost £339 here in the UK? My maths tells me that at the current rates, $499 = £265. That’s quite a difference in price difference (about 20%).

UPDATE: I’ve reinvestigated, and some of the price difference is sales tax – the US dollar price is without tax, where as the UK pound price includes VAT @ 17.5%. So, that’s a base price of £288.50 and only a 10% difference, so MAYBE I’m crying over nothing… Anyway, I ordered my Mac Mini yesterday, and the first thing I’ll be doing is opening it up and looking inside – so watch this space for photographs!

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  1. kosso kosso

    looking forward to seeing what you think of the Mac Mini.

    I have VirtualPC if you’d rather try to run Windows on it 😉

    They look *quite* good value (with the Airport option) and could be well used for screnn applications wirelessly xontrolled in a box with a projector, stuck on a ceiling 😉

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