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Forget the PSP, what about the PS2 Portable?

I was clearly not the only Ben to notice the comparative size of the new PSTwo and thus it’s portabability. In fact Ben Heckendorn was several steps ahead of me, already producing a working portable machine.

Ben Heckendorn's PS2 Portable

Looks cool, if a little on the large side to be “truly portable” – but he’s clearly a hardware hacker genius. From the description on this website, it’s clear that this is more than just a small TFT screen mounted on a PSTwo circuit board.

If it’s legal, and I assume it is, someone should give this chap some funding to make it a commercial project.

When the PSP was announced a lot of people wondered whether a PS2 version was really that much for a further step for Sony. The PSTwo clearly demonstrated that Sony can miniturise the PS2 architecture, and as such I think it’s fair to say that Sony are merely using the PSP to flog one last time the vast array of game titles available in PS1 format.

“Playing” the consumer like this is only going to spur hardware hackers like Ben Heck to do more of these kind of projects.

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