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Comparion of US Election maps

We’ve been having a look at the way different news websites have been displaying their election results. It’s fair to nearly everyone has been using maps to depict the state-by-state results.

In almost all cases, Macromedia Flash has been chosen as the preferred presentation technology.

Here are the links to compare, starting with BBC News’ offering (obviously!).

BBC News
[nice html alternative]

Yahoo! News

NY Times

[country wide]
[nice intrastate breakdown]

ABC News


FOX News

CBS News

USA Today

El Pais (Spanish-based newspaper, well regarded for it’s infographics)
[Check the pictorial links in the “Gráficos” section at the top. When the Flash loads click “Pulse para continuar” to continue…]

Electrol-Vote – a respected independent source, apparently

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