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The most stupid convergence device so far?

Oakley have always my preferred “eyeware”, if only because their boxes proudly state “…Iridium coated optics ensure that only true optical fidelity reaches your visual cortex”. Wow – give that man in marketing a prize!

I digress… Well, I just saw a press release for what must be the most stupid convergence device I’ve seen yet. Sunglasses and MP3 Player combines to form… the Oakley Thump

Girl with Oakley Thump sunglasses

Like, er… why?

I mean, the benefit of “convergence devices” is that you have multiple functionality with you all the time. Well in my life, I don’t have the need for “sunglasses” functionality all the time – do you?

If I owned a pair of these babies, I’d need to wear my sunnies whenever I wanted to listen to my toons. Ok, I can flip up the lenses for indoor use… but the last person I knew who had flip-up lenses on his glasses was my Grandfather, and that must have been in 1985.

I’ll stick with my Oakley X-Metal’s I think

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