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Bush website blocked outside US

Akamai,‘s serving partner, appear to be blocking non-US users from their site.

One assumes this to be a cost saving exercise to ensure bandwidth is available to potential voters. However, this might also be a sneaky attempt to reduce the possibility of the site being hacked or DOS’d by international hackers in the run up to the election.

In the spirit of such hacking, albeit in this case legal and legit, I bring you – non Americans of the world – the George Bush site via anonymous proxy (it’s a little slow, sorry). Why you’d want to visit it, though, I don’t know.

UPDATE: apparently (IP lookup of still works. Americans – don’t vote Bush in…! If his website security is so lacking, how good can the rest of his “security” policies be? 🙂

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  1. As an alternative to the proxy you mentioniod: try out Proxify.

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