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MySpace IM launches, what about a MMORPG?

Kareem has announced that the MySpace boys have launched an IM client.

Lol, the biggest social network launches an IM, and hot on their tails the biggest IM is about to launch a social network!

Back to MySpace IM, I’m disapointed that the client doesn’t come pre-populated with your MySpace buddies, but perhaps that’s something they can do in the next version?

Clearly, these guys have got to get VoIP in there and also video calling. Finally, if they can get interoprability with other IM networks (possibly via black-ops if not by agreement) then that would create complete walk-over in the teen IM market.

Which all makes me wonder where this can go next?

So, I’m thinking they could complete their MySpace portfolio with a MMORPG (like SecondLife) – it would create the ultimate tripple-play in the social media scene, plus the revenue opportunities of a successful MMORPG are amazing (some of these things have economies greater than small countries).

I’m currently thinking about doing something in the MMORPG scene post-BBC, perhaps using SecondLife API. I think this market has Jamster (the anoying f**king crazy frog people who I just found out are owned by VeriSign!) written all over it. If kids will pay ¬£5 for a ringtone or wallpaper (which is how jamster makes their money), they’ll pay for furniture, clothes, etc in a MMORPG.